How to Make a Voodoo Doll

Well ….. Here’s something a little different — and a little weird. But, whatever else they may be, you have to admit these little dolls are artistic.

Trippy little movie conjured up by Planet Voodoo showing how to make your very own New Orleans-style Voodoo Hoodoo doll.
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How to Use the E-Z Lasher by Secrist Doll Company
Reborn Baby Doll E-Z Lasher, an easy way to apply eyelashes to your reborn baby doll, free tutorial by “Secrist Doll Company”
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Duration : 0:1:51

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Aesthetic Creativity

Atec 6331 Aesthetic Creativity

This video demonstrates the creative aesthetic of asian ball-jointed dolls. Even though there may be several dolls of the same mold, each differ because of the owner’s personal aesthetic. The creativity in this video is expressed through demonstrating the building process of one doll to my own aesthetic.

Class: Atec 6331
Teacher: Dr. Mihai Nadin
Semester: Fall 2008
Special Thanks: Mel-Mel

Asian Ball-jointed Doll Companies:

Asian Ball-jointed Doll Community:

Duration : 0:2:43

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BJD Restringing Tutorial Part 5

Made by: Omichao @ DoA
Doll: CP Delf Elf Yder Vampire
Supplies: Sturdy string


-Slide the string through the top of the s-hook.
-Hold the head down, while pulling the string up.
-When the s-hook is out of the neckhole, twist it, to fit inside the groove in the neck.
-If your doll comes with a neck donut, grab the elastic under the s-hook, slide the donut in under the s-hook, and fit the s-hook into the donut’s groove.
-If your doll does not come with a donut and does not have a groove in it’s neckhole, you will need to attach the s-hook to the bridge inside of the headcap.
-If your doll does not come with a donut, groove in the neck or a bridge in the headcap.. You’ve got me.

Tips: Personally, I think that attaching the s-hook to the bridge makes the headcap hard to get off and makes getting inside the head way harder than it needs to be. Instead, I like to use either the donut or the groove to hold the s-hook. To keep the headcap on like that, simply tie a rubber band around the bridge, and attach that to the top part of the s-hook. To tighten the headcap, you can cut the rubber band shorter, or you can simply twist it.

Duration : 0:1:12

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~*BJD’s (Ball Jointed Dolls) I’ve once owned*~

BJD’s I’ve sold, and some dolls who haved changed molds.
I made this video as a tribute to all the dolls I’ve used to own. Hope you enjoy^^

~Belladonna of DOA

Duration : 0:2:14

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BJD Restringing Tutorial Part 1

Made by: Omichao @ DoA
Doll: CP Delf Elf Yder Vampire
Supplies: Bobby pin


-Have the elastic for the arm tied.
-Slip the bobby pin onto the opposite end of the knot.
-Find the arm hole that’s larger (they aren’t the same size).
-Insert the bobby pin, and push it through to the other side.
-Pull the knot into the body.

Tips: I’ve found that with CP Delf boys, there’s an easy way to tell if the tension in the arms is good. Once you have the elastic in the body, pull the pieces to the top of the neck. If they meet, they’re good, if they overlap, they’re too loose, and if you have to pull them, they’re too tight. You can see this at the end of the clip.

Duration : 0:1:7

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How to Create Porcelain Doll Bodies : Drying Porcelain in Doll Mold

When poured into a doll mold, porcelain dries from the outside in. Learn about how porcelain dries in the mold with tips from a doll artisan in this free hand crafts video.

Duration : 0:1:47

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BJD Restringing Tutorial Part 2

Made by: Omichao @ DoA
Doll: CP Delf Elf Yder Vampire
Supplies: Scissors, sturdy string


-Cut a length of string about the length of your doll.
-Slide the string through one side of the elastic.
-Meet the ends of the string.
-Start sliding on the parts of the arm.
-When you get all but the hand on, pull the elastic until it sticks out far enough for you to grab it.
-Grab the elastic, remove the string, replace with the hand.

Tips: Whichever side of the arm elastic you aren’t using, sling over the neck. If you don’t and you pull to hard, the elastic can come out and you may have to start all over.

Duration : 0:1:27

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Beautiful Aria!~ Nobility Dolls newest creation!

This is Aria! She’s a lovely BJD [ball joint doll] from nobility doll!~
She’s so lovely and beautiful!:3
She has a lovely body and pretty poses, like a model.
Large pretty eyes, and a cute pout!
She has a oriental and western look (at the same time).
Also, she looks sweet and tough at the same time while also looking sexy and cute!
She’s really an amazing doll!
There website is here:

Here is where you could buy her or learn more about her:

And thanks to beloved Nobility Doll, I won this beautiful girl~!

Thank you Nobility Doll~!!

Duration : 0:1:28

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How to Create Porcelain Doll Bodies : Draining Porcelain From Doll Mold

Draining excess porcelain from the doll mold will create a hollow piece that will dry evenly. Learn how to drain porcelain from a mold with tips from a doll artisan in this free hand crafts video.

Duration : 0:1:53

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